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I’m more and more interested in an alternative health system. Naturopaths, homeopaths, whatever. They could charge a monthly fee with a goal of optimizing health rather than just be there for illness and disease. Can they exist, or will government crush anyone not following their orders and take away licenses to practice? Can the parallel economy exist in healthcare? Does it already exist in some form?

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Back when the ever-evolving definitions of ideological tribe still called me a "liberal" somehow, I was the only one of my lefty friends who was angrily against Obamacare as it was rolling out. (Looking back, this and a few other of Barry's policies were when I actually started tasting a red pill on my tongue, rather than more recently, as I have heretofore assumed).

To a one, they'd say, "Don't you want everyone to have healthcare?" and then, the deadly liberal weapon, accompanied with Law & Order musical sting: "DON'T YOU CARE ABOUT PEOPLE?"

(The weaponization of "unselfish" and "caring" is worthy of an entire essay.)

I pointed out, to a one, "do you understand that this is the federal government requiring private citizens to purchase private goods, and subsidizing a private business with people's tax money? Weren't you guys furious when they bailed out the banks after we all lost our jobs? What if GM asked the government for help and they punished you if you didn't buy a car every two years? What would that do to our environment? Can you imagine the waste, besides the financial hardship?"

To a one, NO ONE GOT IT. And these were liberals, listening to then-liberal Guttermouth. Don't we hate corporations, guys? Why do we want the government empowering corporations? Now let's go have a three-hour meeting with ridiculous socialist rituals.

Hey, remember when literally everyone laughed at anyone who worried about "death panels?"

Do a global search of Twatter or your favorite social toilet for the phrase "should be denied healthcare."

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And why wouldn't insurance companies comply with the entity that made their day (forever and ever) by implementing Obamacare... which, contrary to most legacy media reporting, hadn't a thing to do with health care, but was actually an unspeakably large gift (er, grift) to the insurance companies and their partners in crime, Big Medicine (the hospital industrial complex).

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I've been on Christian Healthcare Ministries for the last 5 years and I'm saving a bundle. I don't have to worry about an unjabbed fee either. And they covered ALL my surgical costs from last summer.

Bonus: They don't pay for any jabs.

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I'm not a fan of the American health system which leaves a substantial number of people uncovered at a % of the budget which is larger than other countries with State systems but our own State system here in NZ is also not looking wonderful at the moment.

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