Especially pay attention if the test requires you to use your phone or to mail in the sample!! This is tracking/DNA donation. Only use tests that just give you the result at home with no connection to your personal information.

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Does anyone have (reliable) info about if test swabs contain harmful ingredients. I know there's something they are sterilized with but I don't know if that's in a form it can cause harm in. I can't keep up with reliable sources that explain clearly how bad the injections are, and why. Not sure where to go for reliable info about test swabs. I know that between false positives and negatives and the wisdom to just treat and stay home on Day One regardless of test (with medicines I have already), it's not necessary to test. But sometimes there are requests from family members, or a rare event that accepts a paper test result that's not connected to a phone / ID system. I've taken two tests so far, one PCR last summer and a lateral flow test recently. The lateral flow was a self test that didn't go far up at all.

I don't want to believe that there is poison or nano infrastructure or ?? in these swabs, that's like an impossible dystopian science fiction movie. But looking around, this is unfolding in real time like an impossible dystopian science fiction movie ... Does anyone have thoughts and (reliable) sources on this? Thanks!!

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I'm no expert so I could be wrong but for now I believe the PCR nasal swabs do deliver nanotech to the body.

I follow this doctor on here (see link nelow). She has tested blood for nanotech and has found it even in people who were never 'vaccinated' for 'covid'.

But the good news is she knows how to get rid of it, and she has proof that it works (but only temporarily). She figures that the 'vaccines' do shed nanotech, and it's probably in chemtrails because she's even found it in rainwater.

It can be detoxed from the body with EDTA chelation therapy, either intravenously (which is very expensive) or with a cream applied to the skin. As far as I know, she hasn't studied the blood of people who have used the cream form - only the intravenous.


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And here is a link that one of her readers posted to an online store that sells EDTA cream.

I hope this helps. ❤️


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(Saw Frank's comment after I posted. Is the "reagent solution" the thing that the swab goes into After it's inside the nose? Or is that something that's put into the body? )

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