If you are familiar with the FLCCC (Front Line Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance) protocols for COVID-19, you know that Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Quercetin, Zinc and Melatonin are part of the prevention protocol. In some cases I have seen aspirin also recommended.
If you’re a cook or interested in food, you’ll notice a new push in food media to prop up and promote the spice company Penzey’s. This is not random. In…
Free is not free.
Started by Obamacare, ramped up by Corona
Should you find yourself in a battle with your elected “representatives”, you may find portions or all of this letter useful. Bookmark for future use…
If you are using gmail, yahoo mail or iCloud, consider making a change to protonmail.com. A basic account is free, and you’ll avoid filters, censorship…
Or how to navigate around Lori Lightfoot’s garbage
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How to parallel economy